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What's your yarn preference?

So I was just wondering what yarn people like to work with? What yarn people hate to work with? Why?

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Bear #3

So yeah, finally finished bear #3 and I think I like this one the best. He's made with chenille think & quick yarn and is so soft and cuddly.

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Bear #2

So just finished knitting, stuffing, and sewing up bear #2. All I need to do is add a face. I'm not sure I like doing bears in multicolored yarn like this.

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Bored Bear

So yeah. I have just moved from having two roommates into an apartment by self (for now) and am finding that I have a lot more time on hands than I used to.

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Speed Stix

I wonder if anyone has used these, what they think of them, how well projects turn out on them, and where to find patterns for speed stix projects.

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