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How do I send it?

I can't remember who I need to PM to get the info to mail my square. I finished one and I am working on another one which should be done a few days.

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simple cast on

What is a simple cast on?

I am doing my first button hole. Row had 14 stitches. I bound off the middle 2, leaving 12 stitches, 6 on each side. the instructions for the next row say

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Jason Blanket question

The instructions for the blanket simply say what kind of yarn to use. But it does not mention needle size. Does that mean we can use any size needles we want?

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Cables in the round?

My mom has asked that I make her something for mothers day. The pattern I have is in the round. Problem is I want to spice it up a bit and use some cables. So do I

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toe up saga. Onto the heel

After having done 4 socks (2 pair) cuff down, and messing up the seam at the end, I have decided to work on a pair now toe up. So far so good. Awesome cast on and toe increases and onto the foot.

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toe up increases

So I am starting (practicing) my first pair of toe up socks (I have done cuff down already). I am having problems with the increases.

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Sock Survey

So I am almost done with my second pair of socks (so that means I am on #4), and I wanted peoples opinions on the whole knitting sock thing.

1 - one at a time or two at a time?

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read the pattern, read the pattern and then read the pattern!!!

Did I mention to read the pattern. I just finished a baby bunny blanket, that is actually a very easy pattern.

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Anyone ever do the Bunny Blanket - pattern free on Lion Brand site?

I am working on the Bunny Blanket pattern that is free on the lion brand site and I did a major screw up, or didn't understand something.

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Gauge Test

I need to do a gauge test for the sweater I want to make. The pattern calls for 3 colors, 2 rows each.

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