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Magic Ball Swap

Has anyone done a magic Ball Swap ever. I have been reading about the fun some people have ha ha ha!

Seriously have you ever been in a Magic Ball Swap? What was your experience?

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Row 11 The first Cabling

This is where I am at this time, ready to knit 6 more rows and do the second part of the Cable braid. Thanks for Stopping By!

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Are you ready for the Winter?

I just got some great Hand Dyed Wool from an Ebay Store I believe the store is . I don't know about you, but I love Christmas and the Holiday Season.

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In the beiginning there was just ribbing

A sweater has been started, which material am I using?

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The Phoenix An almost Recycled Afghan

Here is the Before and after pictures of the afghan. It was crocheted, now it is knitted and just one panel of new yarn.

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Crocheted Border In the making

Well still working on my afghan, and will have a before and after picture soon. I have been working on the edging and I am sharing that picture with you first.

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The Recycled Afghan get's put together

The Recycled Afghan 2007 It is here on this link, and at this time I am making the border around it.

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Happy 4Th of July!

Between Purls and Knits one can always bake a Cheesecake!

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2007 a year for Recycling

Three years ago I crocheted an afghan and this year I decided to frog the afghan. From that yarn I will make it a knit Afghan project. The yarn is Plymouth Yukon.

I have taken all the yarn out and even though knitting is supposed to take less yarn than crochet, I believe this project will take more yarn. I am making four panels and each panel takes aroound 8 hours to knit.

Here is the pile of yarn.

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Another Santa Hat 06

I am actually knitting a scarf on the round and I finished the Santa Hat that is in the picture. Have a Happy Holidat Season everyone, No matter what you celebrate!

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