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Interweave Holiday Gift Ideas

I just got this one magazine today. If you were looking for inspiration for the Holidays or just to make some gifts, this issue is full of great ideas for all.

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Booklets for Inspiration

I got this booklet today and I am already thinking of making it someday soon. Most likely longer. I thought it would be a great challenge to make it in a Wool blend.

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Irish Hiking Hat

Just finished it today and I am on my way of making another one bigger, with more cable panels. This one that I am showing will be for a gift.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Recycled Sari Yarns

I got this shipment of yarn yesterday along with other stuff, but I just had to share this with you as it is one of the most beautiful yarns that I have ever bought.

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I felt the yarn

I won some auctions at Ebay for some hand dyed yarn. I also got the Interweave Felt Magazine to do some felting projects and see what's new in the Felting Realm.

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Circular Needles and some Lime

Circular Needles and some Lime colored yarn that is. This is my first attempt at using two circular needles to make a hat.

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Finished Hat

The hat has been finished, washed and blocked. It is now waiting for it's partner. I have an order for two and the other one will be on the works in a week or so.

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Biggest Yarn Stash

Just found this in my Crochet Group just follow the link below

Biggest Stash in the World

You have to go and see it!

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A Crochet Hat

I knit and Crochet, at this time I make most of my Skull Caps in crochet. Each of my Skull Caps is one of a kind.

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Yarn for felting

Well over the rainbow with this getting upset about my twisted knitting.

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