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Hogwarts, House Scarf Pattern

Pattern Source: My own Pattern Crafty Andy 2007©

Needles: 2 Boye circular needles, 21 " cable, US sz. 6 . Darning Needle,(metal).

Hook: Size F for fringe and pulling yarn.

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Alpaca Stitch Markers

Just wanted to share my lates acquisition, sometimes looking at this cutesies may make time fly by. Maybe not for Mario, but I hope you like them. Got them from Ebay.

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Hufflepuff Blocked

I have just washed this Hufflepuff Scarf and it is being blocked and getting dry. It is about 150 cm in length or 60 inches.

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So little time and so much yarn

This weekend I will be very busy. A lot of things going on. I have a Men Who Crochet Guild Meeting Saturday and have A men's Division Meeting for my partners Buddhist group.

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Hufflepuff 40% done

I have so many projects going and no time for a sweater. I think that once I get done with my scarves I will be making a sweater.

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Hufflepuff In the beginning there is a scarf

I have never made a scarf on the round. I already I have encountered the changing of colors to be one of the challenges it gives us as crafters. A machine can do this without problems.

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Irish Hiking Cap Done

It was frogged and recasted and it is done. The color is not as it looks. I actually like this color is a lime Green, not as neon as it looks.

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Crocus your Dishcloth

This is another step into the workings of knitting. I often find that making dishcloths or washcloths is a great way of learning a stitich.

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Crochet Color Stranding Hat done

It has been blocked and it is waiting to get dry and it's owner will pick it up Friday. I love working on two colors , I will definitely see what it is like in Knit sometime in the next few months.

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Color Stranding in a Crochet Hat

This is a hat that I am working on. I started it on Saturday after getting inspiration from knittting the Bee Stitch Cloth. This photo in particular is from Saturday.

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