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Fall Hats Within Reach

Knitting has changed my life in a lot of ways.

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As the Heel Turns

Just wanted to show you the work in progress on my Sock, I have turned the heel!

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Online Files Hosting

Does anyone know of a free or paying site to host PDF files online? I have not googled it yet, thought I would try here first! Thanks

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A Lace and Cable Fall Scarf

This is a beautiful pattern that I have found to do a fall themed scarf. You will find that it has a deliciousness about it.

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Reverser Cap

The Twins are at it again modeling the cap on each side so that you can see both sides. I was impress with my Kitchener Stitch, I can't find the Union lol!

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Going Straight - A New Generation of Knitted Hats

No I am not talking about sexual Orientation, thisis about what I am working on with my beautiful Malabrigo wool.

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Baby Crayola Set FO

This is the Baby Crayola Set FO. The Jacket, Hat and booties are crochet, but the Bath Wrap is garter stitch with a bit of crochet at the top.

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Why I joined Men Who Knit Almost 3 Years ago!

My name is Andres , I usually go by Andy or Crafty Andy.

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Knitting in Public, Alamo Square Video

I will have a Video later on, and I will add the video to this posting, I am uploading the video to You tube.

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Knitted Willie Warmer as requested!

Photo Courtesy of
Uploaded on December 14, 2007
by sheandaru a Flickr Lady member

Remember to Check your Gauge lol!

Knitted Willie Warmer
Worsted weight yarn

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