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LTKA Square 4

Lattice and seed stitch square is an interesting square, the posibilities of making a sweater like this are great, lots of work. Seed stitch is a very pretty stitch.

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LTKA Square 3

The Basket weave Square from the Barbara Walker book is a very interesting square and one of the most beautiful textures.

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LTKA Square 2

A little early this week, maybe a license to be late next week lol!

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LTKA Square 1

This square is made in Garter stitch and it is a very interesting square if you need to pick a stitch you skipped, because it needs to be picked up in a garter stitch way, pick one stitch from the fr

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Learn to knit Afghan Knit Along Has started!

Learn to knit Afghan Knit Along using Barbara G. Walker Book!

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Putting on the Swift

So here I am using my swift for the first time making a hank for some dyeing I am doing later, I hope you like the video. Thanks for stopping by.

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Unfinished Swift assembled

This is the link to the You Tube video of the Swift unfinished and being assembled!

You Tube Video Link

Thanks for stopping by!

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Second Sanding of Home Made Swift

I don't know if I have time tomorrow to put the swift together as it is drying right now, but here is a picture of what I have done so far. There will be a video of how to put it together.

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DIY Swift Making our own Swift!

Have you looked at the prices of swifts?

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Easy Head Hugger by Danny Oullette

From the Men Who Knit Scarf exchange , my Partner was kind to gift me with enough yarn to make a Hat if I wanted to. I grabbed Danny Oulette Easy Head Hugger.

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