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Visiting Philadelphia

Hi guys (meant in the generic, inclusive sense),

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Is "pugly" an insult? An adverb?

A few months ago, a friend emailed me a picture of a knitted pug and asked if I could make some for him. He tends to be a smart-ass and I thought he was kidding.

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I don't wanna...(1st EZ BSJ)

I don't want to finish this. I'm having too much fun handing this amorphous piece of knitting to friends to see if they can figure out what it actually is.

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Shake, shake, shake...

When I started knitting, my first project was a pair of baby booties, and it's still one of my favorite patterns.

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Jason's Squares - Not too late, I hope!

Here are the two squares I managed to get done. Kyle should have them on Monday, so I hope they're not too late.


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Hi Guys,

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My first FO in 2009

Okay, it's just a rectangle in garter stitch, but it felt great to bind off and weave in the last couple of ends on New Years Day.

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