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Stephen West's Chadwick

Good Morning Knitting Bro's,

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color affection by Veera Valimaki - Done

Well today I finished color affection. Here are a couple of pictures before washing and blocking but you'll get the idea of the finished item. My next project is going to be Stephen West's Chadwick. Hope you're all having a great weekend. It is a glorious fall day in St. Louis. Happy Knitting, JRob

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Been Quiet - Somebody got something to show?

Any Takers? Come on some of you guys must have a project on the needles you can share. JRob

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"color affection" by veera valimaki

Good Morning All,

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Tvaandssticking - Swedish Twined Knitting

Several months ago I bought s book called Two-ende Knitting by Anne - Maj Ling. This is a traditional Scandinavian Technique - Tvaandssticking also known as Twined Knitting or TWo-end Knitting. You can check out her designs on revelry. I was curious if any of my bro's out there have tried this technique? Let me know.



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Knitting Collision Colorwork - Done

Good Afternoon All,

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color affection by Veera Valimaki

Good Evening Everyone,

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Wife's Denim Sweater Done

Morning All,

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Knitting Collision - D

Torso Color Work Complete

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Knitting Collision - C

Good Evening,

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