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blue basketweave

A blue basketweave scarf.

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what to do with the yarn i bought

On Saturday Melbourne had its version of the Zombie shuffle. Its the third time ive done the zombie shuffle.

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Pistachio scarf

I finished it yesterday. Nothing flash but i still like it.
I think i might knit a few the same way. I like the texture.

[thankyou to everyone that helped me with the cobalt blue yarn hunting!]

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It might be touch blasphemous to ask about weaving looms here but im quite interested in getting my dad to make one for me. just a simple frame work one.

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music or tv?

Whats your preferred noise to knit to?

I dont have my tv on much so i go for music.
Serge Gainsborough mostly but, Nick Cave, Travis, Jarvis Cocker and Patrick Wolf also work for me.

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my dog hates me knitting

I have a border Collie that is CONSTANTLY desperate for affection and gets very annoyed if i knit for more than a few hours, because he's usually sitting/laying all over me when im stationary.

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Green V-neck vest

I finished it and it turned out ok, given the fact that half way through knitting half of the back, i realised i was knitting a smaller size.
so the front is a bigger size and it turned out ok.

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I might sound like an idiot - HELP!

...but... can someone translate this pattern for me?

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green torture

I went to a PROPER yarn shop a few months ago for the first time to buy 3 balls of Jo Sharp DK in Pistachio, thinking that it would be enough.

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70s jumper scarf

finished this a while ago but it think its my favourite scarf ive knitted - despite not loving orange!
i remember having a hand me down jumper that looks similar.

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