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estimating amount per a ball

im making up a design and i need to know if i have enough materials for it before i start.
is there any way you can figure out how many balls you need?

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red blanket augogo

more than half way finished.

I have to go home to see the folks next weekend. so its 8 hours on a train to knit with. im hoping i dont drop any stitches.

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wool and pets

my friends cat had to go to the vet the other day because it was sick.
they found a 7cm piece of wool in her intestine.

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red blanket started

four sections of the blanket done. many many more to go.

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finished one blanket

i dont like it as i somehow picked up some pink and navy wool when it was supposed to be only red/grey/black/white leftovers. must have had a bad colourblind day.So its going to be my dogs blanket. and he needs one so its all good. Even if he doesnt look so impressed in the progress photo.

Now im onto my next blanket....

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leftover blanket

Its time to get rid of all my left over wool, so ive decided to knit a blanket.
So im listening to a lot of Jarvis Cocker and knitting up the squares.
5 done, a million more to go....

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i love double knitting

Recently my first art exhibition opened and after months and months of busily working on that im now left with nothing to do until its time to take the paintings down.

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EASY EASY sock pattern

Since its getting cold here again i decided to get back into knitting again.

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ive ruined my shoulder

Last Thursday after a FULL day of knitting, i woke up in agony and some fear. I couldn't move my neck or my right shoulder without some amount of screaming.

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knitting patterns is the only maths i can do and enjoy

Im a bit number dyslexic so actually thinking up patterns is a bit of a headache for me, but at the same time i really enjoy it.

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