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This is how I organized my colors

I took a lined basket from Michaels and cut dividers out of cardboard. I then cut a piece of wood to size and drilled holes corresponding with each partition and labeled each one.

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Here's my Henry VIII...so far anyway

Moving right along! I only have 20 rows left until I start the neck steeks. Thought I'd share the project.

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Questions for my knitting brethren

I am interested in making Jade Starmore's Glenesk, but the pattern is only available as an entire kit from Virtual Yarns.

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All this talk about socks...

....has got me excited. I just ordered the Ann Norling basic adult sock pattern. I'll let my accomplished brethren know the end result.

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Hi Everyone.

I cannot quite contain my excitement that there is a forum for Men Who Knit!

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