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$*#(% The Argyles

Ok. This is something new for me. I've worked on the argyle socks a few times and ripped it out like 5 or 6 times because I didn't like how the left slants looked.

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Intarsia and Other Ramblings

Tomorrow's Friday and that's my new favorite day. There's a *great* knitting circle up in Kent, CT at "Enchanting Yarns and Things". They've recently expanded and it's all just so delectable.

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Argyle socks and Intarsia

I'm working on my first pair of Argyle socks. I've done a bit of intarsia in the past, but not much. I'm more into texture and less into color. Mostly because color just scares the crap out of me.

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Just joined Ravelry.com. Great for so many reasons. Check it out!

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