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no hope?

anyway ever make anything that is just so bad, it can't be saved. i have worked and reworked a cardigan that even aftetr all my tricks, it's just ugly and i think unwearable.

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anyone eles have this problem

i have an argyle cardigan that i have to track down some yarn for, so what do i do? start a new project. i also have a finished sweater that needs a fix. solution...start a new project. yikes

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anyone know how to add flickr photo gallery to profile. i tried cutting and pasting irl and mwk site said it wasn't valid address.

this is what i have

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column of leaves

my first attempt at lace and my first attempt at blocking

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first finished project for mwk

finally finished cleanup on a sweater i've been working on and putting aside forever. my second attempt at some lace work. still haven't blocked a sweater yet. maybe i should with this one

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