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NYC lys

Im in soho for a few days. Any good yarn shops down this way?

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what are so few knitting books ebooks? anyone know?

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pattern confusion

i am making lace sweater in round. have split at armholes and completes back to collar edge castoff

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little cap i made up with leftovers...and a dream :)

it's a cabled brim then picked stitches an just messed about to the top.

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cricket sweater finally complete

it's from the gottelier, knitting and tea book

malabrigo, mostly, and undyed

lots of cable (too much)

i have never taken this long on a sweater before (started in august)

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Merriest of Christmases to all my knit brothers (and some sisters too)

Haven't been on here much but thats because I was trying to meet a knitting deadline (self imposed) which I missed by a little. Pix to follow

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top down knitting

i am ready to take the plunge

any recommendations for top down knitting? there seem to be a few and i wanted to reviews from the men on which ones you liked best

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Math/design question

I am doing multiple cables within a row. There is a c4 that repeats alternately every 4 or 6 rows and a twisted 6 st cable that repeats every 6 rows.

How many rows do I have to chart until the whole set of cables repeats? I was thinking 60 but that seemed like too many

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Knitters block

I have run into a complete halt. I have been knitting everyday for years and since my last finished project I can't seem to pick up new or wip. Even as retreat nears, I can't find my knit mojo.

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