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Cotton Blanket

I am about finished with a cotton blanket I've been working on. I intend to give it as a gift and I have a question about washing it. It's lace so I need to block it.

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Knitting from a Chart

I have what I'm sure will be an overly simple question for you all. I'm knitting my first project from a chart.

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Finished Liesel Scarf

After seeing Asbjorn's wonderful work on the Liesel scarf, I decided to try my hand at it. It took me 14 days to finish it, and I learned my attention span is about 12 days.

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Advice on Size 2 needles

Does anyone have advice on working with size 2 needles?

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Paw Print

This is the first project I've finished since I joined the site. I wanted something easy and quick to knit during the Oscars.

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