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One more shot at project #1...the scarf

O.k. one more try. I started this scarf on 1/9.

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O.K. Let's try a picture of Project #2

The scarf picture is the wrong let's move on to the baby blanket I started on 1/23 for my new grandson.

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Stepping into the world of multiple projects.

My wife had warned me that many knitters had multiple projects they were working on at the same time and a fair collection of UFOs. How could this happen?

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My First Project is Evolving.

My first project is evolving. After learning the purl stitch, my garter stitch scarf has begun to evolve. The garter stitch transitions to a band of seed stitch, then moss stitch.

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I'm purling....I'm purling!

This purling stuff has been frustrating. I kept feeling like I was all thumbs. Then last night (about 4 a.m.) I slowed way down and took it step-by-step.

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Learning to Purl

Today, my wife introduced me to the purl stitch......AAAAAAARGH!

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