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I subscribe to Interveave 'Knits' magazine and the latest issue continues a trend found in most knitting magazines of including little or nothing for men in the way of sweaters patterns, designs etc.

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This is a pretty basic question. I heard a very experienced knitter say that when she knits the pieces of a sweater she always knits the first stitch in every row.

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Question re: dp needles

I am interested in getting some dp needle sets for sock knitting. In the Knit Picks catalogue there is a set of Nickel-Plated Needles, 6 sizes, 5 needles per size.

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Pics on Left of Screen

I am new to the site and still trying to figure things out. When a pic.

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My Niece

My grandniece in something I made for her. From one of the Mission Falls kids booklets using their 1842 cotton yarn.

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Ripping Out!

I don't know why it seems to always take me two or three runs at a project to really get it off the ground.

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