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all this sock yarn...

So I have ALOT of sock yarn...can we say 11 skiens of tofuties in the same dye lot...

I was hoping to make a pull over but i cant find a good pattern...

And Ideas?

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On the move

I booked my tickets! I move to San Fran Aug 1st.....

I hope the city is ready for me!

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Watch out!

So I just want to say that Aids LifeCycle 7 was AWESUM...

and that in a few weeks I'm going to be moving to San Fran....

I could just spit! I love that city somuch I cant wait to call it home!

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new socks

So being that I did this ride last year I know how the weaterh gets...For Example 5 am kinda I wanted to cute leg warmers till the sun came I thought HEY...last year it was so much f

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Who wants my yarn credit?

I offered this to Ravelry, I figured I could do the same for you hunky men as well...

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Just keep knitting....

Slowly but surley I'm going to get this sweater done...ST. stitch gets kinda boring after awhile LOL

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updated 'do

It was time for a new cleaner hair cut so we got it all nice and pretty for the upcoming ride...don't you love it ;-)

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Kumo or bust!

I started a new cardigan this morning called Kumo.

It was in the Summer of '05 issue of is a little link for you guys!

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