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New FO

So my boss wanted a new scarf, so i went out and bought yarn in in less than 24 hours look what I made ;-)

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I'm such a bad tranny...Year of Lace

Ok...have you heard of Year Of Lace...

I have sooo signed up....

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better photoof Lady E

here you guys go...this pic a bit brighter so you can see it...

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My Lady E....

Its all finished....your thoughts? I loved making this but sad to say I'm giving it to a freind of mine, i think im goin gtohave to make another one for me tho LoL

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My bunnies

these are my two bunnies that died recenly of Suffles...I'm still sad about it, but I figures I could share them with you guys...

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its DONE!

piccies will be up VERY SOON!

And I grabbed enough sock yarn to make 3 more sweater as well as some bulky yarn to make a nice tick pull over as well...

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Well the back is anyway...

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It's confirmed...

I'm crazy, I'm half way up the back of this sweater and I already bought more TOFUties to make a second sweater LOL

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the sweater

Thanks for the input guys...I know alot of lace and socks...actaulyl that is pretty much 95% of what I little needles arent bad...Im us to it.

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Just keep knitting, knitting, knitting

I'm my brilliantness I have decided to knit a pull over...Not just any pull over, but one knit out of Tofuties sock yarn on size fours....

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