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mmmmm cheeese

so...i love cheese.....and wine....ALOT

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Pattern preview

So this is a quick shot of my new sock pattern...

I think its turning out splendid....;-)

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YAY for Holiday knitting!

I'm proud to say I just put in my yarn order in and im stoked...I'm SOOO getting everything done this year...Everything i picked is a fast knit but comes out GREAT....

3- hemlocks

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picked a color....

I decided to go with purple :-)....I dont think you can see it in this photo tho :-(

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Just cleaned up the Hawk

I just cut down the sides of my im looking thru manic panic to see what color I want to go this time...Ideas???

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...random topics...

My random morning thoughts...

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I taught myself a new trick!

I can do magic 8 cast on...Toe up socks here i come!!!!!

so many patterns out there for toe ups and now I can finally make them...

*throws glitter and dances around naked*

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My angry sock....

too mad to this please....

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Here you go guys :-)

I hope you find this as easy im trying to make it for you....if you have issues just hit me up and i will try to explain better ;-)

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newest vlog

I made this before my scarf was done....

figured you might like to watch :-)

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