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My Novice Project...

So Gentleman you are looking at one of the three newest Aspirants for Sisterhood here in San Francisco...That's right I'm joining the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and I'm rather excited to start m

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addicted much...

I cant tear myself away from twitter and plurk...god i think i might have a problem...

*downloads apps to his Ipod Touch so he can take them with him*

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SQUEE new sweater and stuff...

First off Iwant to say how much I'm loving this sweater...its a top down raglan that I'm doing in lace weight and a v-neck and im loving it...

I'm knitting on size 3 but its work it LOL

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My Bday plans

why is it so hard to find people to go away for my bday with...

I wanna go to vegas and I founf SO many hotels less than $100 a night in the middle of the strip (ballys was 70, Ceasears was 80)

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My 3rd and Finally SP package...And my roomie lol

HEY GUYS...This is my last package and I LOVED IT!!!! And Chave my roomie makes a geust appearance we are our own Lime and Violet lol


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My holiday knitting...

Slow and steady right...

I LOVE this pattern ;-)

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another Hemmy

So I'm knitting another Hemlock throw bu in lace weight...Jade Sapphire actually cashmere/silk blend. So its all shorts of nice...let me see it i can find a pic...

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I'm giving away a $100 WHAT?

Hey guys just thought i would tell you that im going to be offering it up here first....*even before Ravelry AND my blog*

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quick post

GRRRR whats with people and their stupid ideas!!!

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I got Jacked...But I also got a new SP package...

YAY for Secret Pal goodies....

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