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I found a pattern!

After searching for somthing cute I decided to just knit a very long Icarus for my black veiling ceremony here in 9 momths * that should give me more than enough time* It will be in black after workin

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My name has been chosen....

So as a few of you know I'm in the process of joining The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. And I have choosen my name...

Sister Wilma Fingerdo at your service ;-)

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the Patern

I got a few emails from people wanting this is the link

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top Down Raglan

I finsihed this FOREVER AGO but I didn thave a photo till now...

This is my top down ragalan with cropped sleeves, I think it turned out pretty good and it was sooooo easy!

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You will love this!

Why yes this is totally real we are sending this off tomorrow as our video audition....I think we are a shoe in dont you ;-)

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New shawl

I found the next shawl I'm starting after my clappotis is done. Snow falling on cedars has stolen my heart...I want to knit it in a light blue. Tits over on houghts?

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So I'm setting here knitting my Clap and it's going pretty fast. I had to put markets on for every 2 repeats since I don't own enough to use them for everyyime it says to. But so far so good.

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My First Clapotis

So after a few years I decided to make a Clapotis, I wanted to wait till the craze died down...

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pics of socks...

so my laptop went pooo when I was posting the pics of my last post...but here are my new socks!

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and new socks

i forgot I have new sockies

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