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Knitting in public

This is a repost from another list. Colin is a socknitter from the UK. He has some medical problems, but is very prolific as a socknitter.

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Mom socks

I have only knitted one thing for my mother in all these years, and that was a lace shawl for her 65th bithday. She said it was too nice to wear... and put it away!

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new socks

Somewhere on the net, I came across the most interesting looking socks. But she was selling the pattern, and I thought "I can make those" -- famous last words!

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Another EZ turn

This is the final result of all that knitting. It’s a strange procedure, although if you know anything about EZ’s patterns, that’s the way she does things.

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EZ as it goes

So after you have one of these odd looking pieces made, the directions tell you to start back at your provisional cast-on, and make another!

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It's so EZ

One of the EZ lists is working on the Ribwarmer KAL, and since I always liked the design of it, and needing some sort of mindless knitting to do, I joined in.

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It's finally done!

Some time ago, I posted about a skein of yarn that I had spun out of some Punta roving (from South America).

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New skein of yarn

I was sure I had posted this earlier, but in checking, I see that I didn't. My apologies!

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Kromski for sale

This appeared on another list, so it may already be gone, but won't hurt to ask.

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Necessary equipment

I was looking through a few things on eBay, and located this piece of equipment, which I feel is very necessary for anyone that handles a bunch of yarn -- and that's just about everyone here!

New Wooden (Birch) Swift Yarn Winder Umbrella Medium
los angeles, CA, United States
US $6.50

That's a very good deal for this item, but take into consideration the shipping to you as well. Don't everyone bid on this and boost the price up too high!! NAYY

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