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One of my first dishcloth.

Okay, I am now addicted to making dishcloths. I am getting a sense of accomplishment as they are quick to finish. I am really enjoying working with cotton.

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A Spinning Wheel Question

Hey Guys, I just realized that my parents have a functioning "saxony" style spinning wheel that they are using for decoration. I think it came from the Yarn Barn many years ago.

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Ebay Purchase

Finally it arrived in today's mail, my latest ebay purchase. I am now the proud owner of the Hand Knits for Men pattern book.

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With the latest poll I see that Bamboo Needles are very popular. I myself voted for the good old fashion plastic needles...

I am curious what are the pros and cons of Bamboo needles?

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Weekend Fun

Thank goodness the weekend is here. Going to head out to the Yarn Factory Outlet Store in the small town of Listowel Ontario.

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Treasure From the Local Library

This past weekend, I made a trip to our local library to try and find some knitting resources. To my surprise, I found a great little "gem" amongst the collection.

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