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How far will you go for fit??

It seems when knitting something like a sweater, us knitters are thrilled when we can say, "it fits!" Even if "fitting" is used very generally, its exciting when you (or the recipient) can actually w

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Goodbye Floppy Neckbands!

Hey guys, long time no post! I've been lurking around though : )

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Poor quality gift yarn...

Ok, it happened again. My friends know I knit, and when it comes time to give a gift, sometimes they give me yarn. These friends got me a few balls of thin, synthetic yarn.

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Selfish knitting...

I've noticed a phenomenon in my knitting of gifts.... does anyone else share this?

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My First Pattern - Published!

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to announce that my first design was published by knitty and is in the current (Fall07) issue!

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