November 7th, 2004

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Fast Knitting

I'm going on a fast, starting tomorrow. If past experiences are any indicator, about halfway during the week I'll have excessive energy and little need for sleep. This seems like a great opportunity to do more knitting!

Fasting is a great experience, but the first few days can be a bit rough. I anticipate knitting being particularly centering this week. I also look forward to the sense of accomplishment I'll feel when my scarf is completed this week, an event which will be chronicled both here and in my fasting blog.

November 1st

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a whole new blog

darn it, I just lost my first entry. chock-full of witticism, it was. here's the truncated synopsis:

I'm a new knitter, just started a scant month ago. my dear friend Betsy taught me.

I'm three hats and one scarf (that needs its ends woven in) down. I've just started swatches for a sweater.

Here are the fruits of my labor thus far. Size 13 circular needles, CO 48, *K3, P1, repeat to desired length, then stitch up the top. Yarn used: Iceland (100% wool) and Fizz (sorry, K.C.)

October 28th

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Knitting Together

I hosted a very enjoyable evening of food, wine, and knitting last night. Good company, good conversation, and educational; I learned I was purling incorrectly! The result, however, is interesting... the forthcoming photos of the back-side of the camo scarf will illustrate.

It was nice to share stories about our history with needlework and the responses we get when people see us knitting in public. I hope this becomes a regular thing... what a great way to spend an evening!

October 27th

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Scarf 1A

So here I finally have a couple of pics of my current project. The yarn is really nice because of the color variations. I too have been purling incorrectly, so I am VERY curious as to what this bastardized mystery stich is! It's been a lot of fun to see this project grow. I'm almost done with the ball of yarn, and it's just been over 48 hours!

Men with Needles

My thanks to whomever began this - I'm new to SF and have been looking for just such a group. If anyone is interested in starting regular get-togethers, let me know. I'm near Upper Market/Castro.


October 26th

Dr. Whoooo! HEY! Dr. Who!

Yeah,I know really lame. Just wanted to talk about the fact that I cast on for a scarf myself this morning and it's based on the Dr. Who scarf,so...
Also have a few caps on the needles,planning some other scarves for family Christmas presents,and braining on some sox made of cashmere yarn. Any thoughts?

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Knitting--My New Yoga

Ever since I began knitting a few weeks ago, the most rewarding aspect that I have experienced has been the meditative state that I enter once knitting. I have found that I knit at a faster pace when I have something on my mind and end up knitting for a longer period of time as well. After a while, (and many, many rows) I can look at my work and feel that I have worked through something mentally and I actually have a physical representation of it! I find it very rewarding and extremely calming. I find myself not caring what it is that I'm making, but just that I am going through the process. Does anyone else have a similar experience?

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Camouflage Scarf

Here are a couple of pictures of my first project. My dexterity and understanding of the interplay between stitches has improved a lot since beginning and rows are being finished faster and faster!

Camo 10 26 04-1 Camo Pattern-3

October 21st

So.. What ya doing?

Currently working on the Lotus Blossom Lace Shawl. I hope to get back working on the Son of ARAN again soon.

October 20th

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How long have you been knitting?

1% (4 votes)
Less than 6 months
16% (44 votes)
Less than 1 year
9% (26 votes)
1-2 Years
16% (43 votes)
2-5 Years
15% (40 votes)
5+ Years
43% (118 votes)
Total votes: 275