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December 18th, 2011

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Thought you might find this amusing.

This was in my local Sunday comics today.

December 15th

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Seamless sweater?

OK, so like I told Quinton in another post, I'm working on a theoretical way to make a sweater with no seams. I think I have the idea in my head, except for one place, which I'll mention in a moment.

December 12th

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Sweater Sleeves

Gang! I am just finishing up a set- in sleeve hoodie. Does anybody have suggestions as to sewing the sleeve seam before sewing it to the bodice or after the attachment to the body of the sweater. Thanks, Bill

December 11th

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thoughts on turning a flat pattern into one that is knit in the round


I'm about to start a new sweater (Nancy Salcedo's Men's Lattice) and am wondering if it would translate into a pattern I could knit in the round.

Any thoughts?

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Hi. My name is Eric, nice to meet everybody! It doesn't look like there have been any new posts in quite a while, I hope this forum is still active.

I've been into fiber arts for quite a while, but I only recently decided to take up knitting. I also crochet, naalbind, knook, weave, and spin my own yarn.

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knitting L.A

does anybody know about a group in L.A
would like to join or establish one.. silver lake area

December 9th

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Felted Slipper Boots

Hey Fellas, hoping you can help me with a little advice. I'm looking to make some felted slipper boots for a rugged, Johnny Cash-listening, heavy-silver-jewelry-wearing, vintage-car-collecting, denim-n-boots-n-leather-wearing kind of guy to use for around the garage. He has a silly pair right now that he got at some surf shop and they're falling apart.

December 5th

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simple cardigan pattern

hi there!
i'm new to the site and excited to find a forum like this!

December 3rd

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Great Aran sweater mystery

My son gave me a sweater this week. It's a "hand me up" as he has outgrown it. His mom bought it for him at the thrift shop. I really love this sweater. It's 100% wool made by Carraig Donn in Ireland. I've looked at a lot of Carraig Donn sweaters online, and I've never seen anything quite like this.

November 21st

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Mutant fingerless glove

Well, I have begun my adventures in making gloves, and the results are amusing, at least. I've wanted to make gloves for some time, especially fingerless, and I have a pattern I downloaded to get to "sometime" so when a friend asked if I'd make her a pair of gloves, I thought I'd take the plunge.