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January 17th, 2012

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A Men's Knitting Group

Hello all.

Am working with a LYS to investigate and maybe form a men's knitting group in my area.

We currently have a group called Pints and Purls that meets at the local brewpub on monday nights to well have some pints and purls. We have seen a few guys show up now and again. Sometimes they are just come alongs with their wifves/girlfriends etc.

January 7th

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Kitting and the Dyslexic

Years ago when i first started knitting I found it to be most default often losing count of vary simple pattern repeat like in a rib stitch. At the time I did not know why but it frustrated me to no end and was one of the reasons I gave up on knitting.

January 3rd


Is there a place where men meet to knit and chat as so many women do? We live in Upper Bucks County, Pa.

December 30th, 2011

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Weasley Sweater

Well, the second Weasley Sweater is finished. FINALLY!

December 24th

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Seasons Greetings

all my wishes for the new Year

December 23rd

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Happy Holidays!!

Wishing the MWK gang a very blessed Holiday and hopes for an abundant 2012.. Peace, Bill

December 18th

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Thought you might find this amusing.

This was in my local Sunday comics today.

December 15th

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Seamless sweater?

OK, so like I told Quinton in another post, I'm working on a theoretical way to make a sweater with no seams. I think I have the idea in my head, except for one place, which I'll mention in a moment.

December 12th

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Sweater Sleeves

Gang! I am just finishing up a set- in sleeve hoodie. Does anybody have suggestions as to sewing the sleeve seam before sewing it to the bodice or after the attachment to the body of the sweater. Thanks, Bill

December 11th

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thoughts on turning a flat pattern into one that is knit in the round


I'm about to start a new sweater (Nancy Salcedo's Men's Lattice) and am wondering if it would translate into a pattern I could knit in the round.

Any thoughts?