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October 15th, 2010

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Special Olympics 2011

Men, Special Olympics is asking for scarves again. This year's yarns are Red Heart Yarns 886-Blue and Red Heart Yarns 512-Turqua. The website is still under construction, but please see:

October 1st

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Vermont Sheep and Wool

Anyone going to VS&W this weekend? I'm driving up with some other guys on Sunday to look at the sheep AND the wool.

September 23rd

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Ideas for a dog sweater

Hey guys,

September 7th

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Help with projects in sizes 2T and 3T

I want to knit my partner's grandchildren some sweaters this Christmas. I have look everywhere for patterns for 2T and 5T and all I can find is sizes in 2,4, 6.

September 3rd

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Finished ...

Hi everybody ... finished blocking the shrug and sewing it up. While Lori was modeling it we came up with the name Angel for it. Here it is on her.

August 23rd

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Aran Shrug ...

As many of you know I love cables. I wrote an ebook a while back about multi-strand braids (any number from 4 - ????) and put it up on my blog.

August 18th

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New to site

I have been new to menwhoknit for about two weeks. I have been a knitter since about age 15 (> 30 years) when I had a wonderful art teacher who taught me how to knit.

August 13th

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How to add a hole?

Seems strange I want to add a hole to my knitting, when I first started, I had way too many. However, this is a different sort of hole.

July 27th

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Knitting on International flights?

I have a vacation coming up where I'll be 12 hours on an international flight (Egypt Air), and I'm wondering if I can bring my knitting? Does anyone have any information or experiences?

July 26th

Beginner Knitting Project Help (Debbie Bliss Book)

I got How to Knit by Debbie Bliss after reading someone who suggested it on the website. The first project is a garter-stich bag, and I have two questions.