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July 26th, 2010

Beginner Knitting Project Help (Debbie Bliss Book)

I got How to Knit by Debbie Bliss after reading someone who suggested it on the website. The first project is a garter-stich bag, and I have two questions.

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XRX Scholarship To Attend Men's Fall Knitting Retreat 2010

Hello Gentlemen,

July 17th

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Do any of you know Aaron Lewis?

I ran across this brilliant site the other day while cruising the 'net. I suppose nobody remembers now, but my first question when I joined MWK was about ganseys, and they still fascinate me.

July 15th

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ADVICE: Blocking acrylic?

OK, so I made this scarf of Red Heart Super Saver, all stockinette stitch, and it rolls up on itself something fierce.

July 13th

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Spinning at the Colorado Irish Festival

Well, I was watching some of the cultural presentations at the Colorado Irish Festival over the weekend, and I saw this woman doing something unusual.

July 11th

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Raglan Sleeves

I'm just finishing up another sweater and this time it has raglan sleeves.

July 2nd

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Problem with edges

Hello everyone, after being a member of this web community for almost 3 years I finally decided to practice my cast on, knits, and purls (continental style).

June 23rd

new roof stinkapalooza

The building I work in is getting a new roof; the workers started putting hot tar on it today.

The office is completely stinkapalooza; smells like grandma's getting a bad home perm in here!

June 14th

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Suggestions for Amsterdam ?

Any suggestions for must-visit yarn shops in Amsterdam? My partner and I will be spending a few days there on our way to Italy, beginning at the end of this week. Thanks for any ideas. - Phil

June 11th

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Philadelphia KIP June 19th, Rittenhouse square

There's a KIP in Philadelphia at Rittenhouse square on the 19th that I was planning on going to, but the friend I was going with is now unable to go.