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January 29th

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Finishing Issues

I just finished a beautiful cardigan from a recent Rowan magazine. The problem I have now is that I have to sew 10 large push snaps to the front of it.

January 24th

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Looking for a knitting group in Baltimore, MD

Does anyone know if there is a men's knitting group in Baltimore? If not, is there interest in forming one?

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pure beginner - nervous/needs advise

Hello Everyone,

January 12th

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Chat - The Saga Continues

You may have noticed the "chat" menu item on the top navigation bar has returned! In lieu of something integrated and wonderful, I present to you a MWKchat Meebo room.

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Anti Spam Info

Helloooo Men!

I started using Mollom to cut down on our spam. It's currently monitoring nearly every text entry field on the web site!

January 11th

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Carlito Cardigan

Hey guys,

January 8th

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Wool from Red Heart!

Interesting new yarns from Red Heart...weren't we just talking about the fact that they used to make woolen yarns?

January 5th

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My New Blog

Hey guys,
I'm taking a break from knitting and starting a cooking blog. I hope you guys will check it out and follow me.