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April 28th

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Networking and Knitting ...

so with social media the way it is today, and the internet, I thought I would try a six degrees experiment. It is a goal of mine to meet either Elsebeth Lavold or Alice Starmore or both!

April 23rd

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Really off knitting topic.

I haven't post much of late as I (we) have been very busy. We, my partner and I, bought a house in Nova Scotia in the late winter or early spring depending where you live.

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Here's a funny video ...

I just found this video and had to post it on my blog. It's a little slow (country song) but it will have you in stitches!
Hugzzz 8-)

April 20th

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I need a Puppy Fix...
Buck...we need more puppy pics!

April 18th

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Back home :(

Hello guys. Missed you all. Back home now after a lovely three weeks holiday travelling all over the UK.

April 16th

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speaking of drum carders and MSKR (SMKR?)

a couple years ago when I dropped in to Niche in Atlanta they were using a drum carder and showing various techniues....The one I like wa using the drum carder to produce roving that had long very gra

April 14th

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Here's a sweater design for men by Vivian Westwood.
...I don't think I'm going to be knitting this anytime soon...

April 13th

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Cool commercial

Came across this commercial that I thought you might enjoy - especially you linens2lace
Hugzzz 8-)

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Best Increase for Sweater Sleeves

I've set aside my first project (a K2 P2 scarf), and jumped right into project 2 - a sweater. Why I think I can do a sweater this early on, I'm not sure! :-) It's a raglan sleeve pull-over.

April 12th

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Almost done ...

Well, I have calculated all the formulas I need to do a braid of any number of strands - provided I have a long enough cable needle - and am now writing an ebook to untangle cables (yes, pun intended)