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March 19th

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Yarn for sweater

What yarn do you think is good for a sweater? Pattern wants Heavy Worsted (Bulky?). Calls for Wool.
I don't think I really like wool. Isn't it heavy and can't it get itchy?

March 17th

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AKA Bubble Wrap

Randy is right. The Oceans Waves scarf is a lot of fun to knit. It is so whimsical.

March 16th

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sl 1 wyif, wyib???

I know I have probably asked this (or something similar) before, but I forgot.
My pattern calls for sl wyif and sl wyib

March 15th

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A few completed projects

Well the winter months were productive. I finished "Matt", the companion scarf to "Matthew" which I posted several months ago and I finished my button vest.

March 12th

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Nice and Easy does it!

This is one of my favorite no brainer patterns. It's so nice to knit on automatic pilot yet achieve something that has great textural detail.

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Thank goodness!

March 11th

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Strange project, new help if possible

Sorry for this, but my wife has requested that I try to make something for her/us. It should be simple there are just a few details I need some help with.

March 5th

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Canadian MKR

I posted this under the blog page and got little to no response except from the hard core dedicated knitters to the south lol, so guess it looks like only the American men are interested in a Canadian

March 3rd

Rjcb3's Scarf Exchange Pattern - Completed

When I saw the "Rustic Scarf" that Robert created for the scarf exchange, I fell in love with it. When looking at it, I envisioned being at a New England ski resort in the 1940's.

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Average age of members?

For a number of reasons I got to thinking about ages today - and I've been trying to remember whether or not anyone has done the "How old are you?" bit here at MWK.