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Knitting For Charity: Hailey's Hope Foundation

I received this email from a very dear friend that I've known since kindergarten. I wanted to share it with you good folks here in hopes that we might be able to help.

August 25th

Garn Studio Expertise?

I want to make the scarf that is listed here -

Stranded Knitting Advice Sought

After I finish with my 2009 Christmas gifts (which will hopefully be in Sept), I want to work on some stranded work for myself --- Fair Isle –ish. In the past, I have noticed a few things.

August 24th

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BOOK Giveaway

I just received a duplicate copy of Debbie Bliss' "Essential Knits for Kids"
( from 2-5 yrs) has twenty delightful patterns to knit.
Please let me know if you would like it.

August 23rd

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My Addiction v. My Magnificent Obsession

As expected, the obsession, knitting, is winning the battle over my addiction, nicotine. Five weeks without a cig. The only issue now is, I have three projects going at the same time.

August 18th

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my first time - knitting a sweater, anyway

i am knitting my first sweater - a simple raglan sleeve that a friend said was a good first project - and so far it's working up well - i just have a question about inc - all inc are worked on the ws

August 16th

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New york City

I'm visiting NYC in september/october and I'm looking for places where the knitting guys go out and buy ther yarns and supplies. Who has any ideas?

August 12th

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crochet hook equivalent

i've recently tried an easy garter stitch scarf changing colours every 20 rows - the scarf looks great - the changes look like hammered cat poop - am planning on crocheting a border around to hide the

July 30th

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Attaching Images to Posts

Howdy MWKers!

Two methods of adding inline images are no longer working dependably and causing much grief. I've disabled those methods, but never fear, you can still attach images to your posts.

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Fine Art Knitting

I knit both for the craft and the art of it. Most of my projects are practical, beautiful gifts for friends. But I also use knitting as part of my fine art practice.