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January 24th

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Switching from English to Continental

With repetetive motion injury always peeking over my shoulder I have decided that I shoud learn to knit Continental as well.

January 23rd

New Project pattern suggestions

Hi Guys,

I'm about to finish my first scarf and my first hat.
I'm looking forward to my next challenge. I'm a total beginner, but I like challenging and interesting patterns.

January 22nd

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Yarn in Salzburg, Austria?

Hey everyone.

I will be going to Salzburg, Austria for 3 weeks in February. Anyone know of any good yarn shops there or other knitting sites I should see? I tried google'ing but nothing came up.

decreasing question

I'm doing the fisherman's hat from the book "Knitting with Balls" (knitting for men)
I'm supposed to start decreasing, assuming that I have 72 cast-on stitches in a certain pattern

January 20th


Just thought I'd share my excitement... it doesn't snow much in Raleigh, North Carolina! Oh boy... now I have a GOOD excuse to wear my knitted goodies!

January 16th

Pattern question.

Hi all, I've been plugging along on a sweater for my little girl, and am a bit confused about the sleeves bit..

Inc row

January 14th

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Help understanding a pattern

I have some questions about this pattern

January 13th

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Size 8 project

I am going to be flying soon and can't bring my recent project with me since they are on metal needles.
It seems the safest thing to do is to bring bamboo circular needles.

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flying with needles?

Are there any issues with security if you fly with your needles?

January 11th

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Hello everyone,