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January 21st

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Print o' the Wave - Sarah Don

Has any body had trouble with this Shetland pattern or is it just me?
"The Art of Shetland Lace" 1980 edition.

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Couldn't resist it but dont' t know what to do with it

I found this stuff in a little shop in Jerome, AZ. It's silk fibers that have been swept up at a silk mill in Nepal and then spun into yarn.

January 20th

Finished Liesel Scarf

Attached is the scarf for my sister. While I found it fun, I also found it to be a learning experience as they are so many different sts, you need to pay attention.

January 19th

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Just wanted to say hey...

I went on a couple of trips over the holidays and hadn't posted anything in a while. My latest happenings knitting-wise:

P tog tbl ???

I found a K TOG TBL but not a P TOG TBL video. Anyone know of a video or can provide an EASY VISUAL-esque explanation?

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Intro and stuff

Hello everyone! I am new to the site, and to knitting. I started knitting about 2 weeks ago.

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Baby Blankets

Hello all,
A friend of mine is expecting a baby and I wanted to knit a baby blanket for the new soon to be addition. However, pricey yarn is always an issue when when living on a budget.

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organizing your needles

I have now acquired a massive number of needles and still have many more left to purchase so I'm thinking of a way to organize them so that I can easily find the size/type that I need for whatever pro

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Toddler sweater

this was knitted of cotton boucle yarn...stripes are a spikey novelty yarn I dyed into crayon colours. My 2.5 year old grandson loves it.'s the basic Ann Norling top down cardigan pattern.

January 18th

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yarn weight/guage help me unravel the mystery

OK, so I go the yarn store and think I know what I want and I pick up what looks like a chunky wt yarn but says its bulky and then Rachel (my friendly knitting ninja/store person) tells me its really