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January 29th

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Beaded Scarf

Late last fall, I took a class in beaded knitting through the knitting guild. I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but not having the beads, and not knowing what pattern to use...

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need a pattern for a top down sweater on circular needles

not a frequent poster here but have chatted with a few of you about my sweater fears. Decided to bite the bullet and try one, need a pattern. Anyone have a pattern or a link to a website?

January 25th

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Interesting discovery - but is it moral?

My partner has always claimed that he can't wear wool - like so many people I know. So making him stuff is always a bit problematic as that I don't like petroleum based yarn.

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Frustration with different technique

During a recent trip to the LYS I was discussing a problem that I was having with a certain stitch (can't remember which one) and Rachel (my knitting ninja) told me to show her how I knit so I did a q

January 24th

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Crochet Hook Sizes

I want to get a nice looking crochet hook for picking up dropped stitches etc.

January 23rd

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Lamb's Pride

Every time I'm in my LYS I have to pick up a couple of skeins of this stuff. I love to work with it and ribbing just pops out like crazy.

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Has anyone checked out this series of books? I love to do this kind of stuff but are these worth the $21. a piece? If so I'd like to have most of them.

January 22nd

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Front & Back of stitch???????

This is one of the things that completly confuses me when trying to learn a new stitch. When the directions say front or back of stitch what do they mean?

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Hello all!

I've been knitting about a year - and finished a cardy for my best friend's daugter Heather!

January 21st

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Cherrywood for Needles

I am a cherry tree in my backyard that I am taking down. I am willing to provide lots of cherry wood to anyone who would like such.