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December 2nd

I want to make this hat...

...or at least something close, but I'm having trouble finding an adaptable pattern. And I have no idea how to get the brim to swoop like it does in the photo.

December 1st

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Cable Scarves

A friend of mine wanted me to make her a thin scarf that was only a cable, nothing else--her dreamed up design, and I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with this--I am not afraid to just c

November 28th

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MWK 2009 Calendar

hopefully....some of the pictures will look like this....(grin)

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scarf edge

Me again. I am doing a scarf simple garter stitch. Someone said that to make the edge cleaner, they recommend slipping the first stitch. Do you slip this knitwise or purlwise.

November 26th


I noticed that the chat is a bit clunky, and would like to offer if the site gods would accept, a home for the chat room on my Private, low traffic IRC network.

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Can someone explain 10/2?

Can someone explain or tell me where to find information on those weaving yarns that go by 10/2 etc......

November 25th

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sock help needed

I am working on my first sock and have finished the cuff and the leg and now need to start on the heel.

November 24th

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Aren't we a marvellous community....

I bored you all with my desperate post about my dye-lot connumdrum and unfinished cardigan...and as suggested by a mwk-er, I've been on Ravelry and found 2 balls of teh same dye-lot in Sweden and 2 in

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Dear all,

November 22nd

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Everything Reversible

Cables always add such great dimension to sweater, beanies, scarfs and throws/blankets.