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September 10th

Finally Saying Hi :).

Hi guys:

I've been stalking you all via your homepage URLs for the past couple of days.

It has been great fun and you all seem to have great talent for knitting :).

More Picture Handling

Since I did the code; I thought I'd publish it in a forum where it can be found more easily: To use this site to publish more pictures in your comment:


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god i am so active on this site....

By now you guys are probably sick of me, but then again if you are, perhaps you just shouldn't read my blurbs..

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not knitting but another hobby

This is a project I am working on with my aunt, she actually makes a living out of re-creating old dress-styles, this is the latest one she and I are working on, based on a dress worn in a painting by

September 9th

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Right...I bought some wool I really loved a few months ago but now that my scarf is almost finished I have to honestly say I don't really like it the wool itself is allready pretty garish

September 8th

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It is starting to get a little colder here in Chicago and I told my Girlfriend I would knit her a scarf. She is pretty excited about it and I want to really impress her with a cool pattern....

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Chunky Patterns....

Dear All,

I bought some great wool in Scotland which is chunky and goes from thick to thin and bach again so you get quite a nice texture when you knit it (there's prebably a name for it...)

September 7th

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sock novice

I am no novice at knitting ive been doing so for little over 17 years now, but, shock horror!, I haven't a clue as to how to knit socks, any handy tips, or perhaps links to a website that explains it

September 6th

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Decreases in seed stitch - please help

I'm working a seed stitch sleeve in the round from the shoulder to the cuff, which means that I have to decrease stitches every few rows. I've frogged the @*#$% thing three times today because I just can't get the decreases right.

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faer isle

Ive been making swatches in Faer Isle, simply because I like a challenge and though I've allready knitted one before, I am still stuck on what colours to use...any usefull advice from any of you guys?