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August 29th

Special Olympics 2009 - Winter

I don't know if anyone has posted this here or not; but:
I know I'm making two. If you want to help or get your local knitty group to help, here's the info.

August 28th

Lace knit wedding dress

My best friend got married on the beach in Hawaii and wanted me to make the wedding dress. She didn't want anything fancy and sort of a 'baby-doll' type thing. It was a very informal thing.

August 25th

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Designing You Own Knitwear

Hi this forum is where i will teach you to design your own garments and answer any questions you may have with knitting.

Kindest Regards

Jody Long
(Knitwear & Toy Designer)

Project suggestions

My SO has decreed that I must make a lap-blanket. That is all well, and good, but I have no idea where to start.

August 24th

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Men's T-Shirt

I've looked everywhere for the last coupla months for a men's t-shirt pattern I could knit in a sport-weight yarn.

August 23rd

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I'm now a complete yarn snob. I was on a cruise last week in Alaska and succumbed to the allure of two 1 oz. balls of $93 per ball!!!

August 21st

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Anyone got experience with 'oiled yarn'?

Lurking in my small but growing stash is some aran 'oiled yarn' called Troon Tweed from Texere Yarns in the north of England.

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Changing Face Pic

Perhaps I'm just dense today, but no matter what I try, I can't change my face pic.

August 18th

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CONFIRMED: Men's Fall Knitting Retreat 2008 (November 7-9)

Hello Again Everyone,

August 14th

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Tight Curling Stitches

I can't get past 3 rows. My stitches become tight as I approach the middle of my second or third rows and the rows start wrapping around the working needle like a stake around a branch.