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July 31st

Hemp bag?

If you were to knit a hemp shopping bag in the round, what sort of stitch would you use to reinforce the base? linnen stitch? knit into the last row twice?

July 28th

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Hat Attack anyone?

Sounds like big fun!!!!

Ravelry group here:

Main Hat Attack site here:

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New Knitter

Hi Fellas,

Reversible zippers

Has anybody successfully found reversible zippers?

There is a new chat room that I got now.

I got a new chat room in Starchat.

July 24th

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new member intro

Good day all - I was looking for the proper "first time post" place, figured it may as well be here since I don't know any better.

July 23rd

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MWK Magazine

As mentioned in a previous post, I'd like to put together a zine with contributed articles, patterns, resources, and images that you think other people would like to see.

July 18th

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Sock Heel: Different Approach?

I am working on Tim's Easiest-in-the-World,

July 17th

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Stash management

Dear Abbie,

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utah knitters?

i'm in slc area. anyone else nearby?