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May 20th

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Upload my Face Picture.

OK, I'm slow, I admit it. Real men do ask for help. I can't upload a picture of myself to our site. Its less than 100KB. Does it have to be a specific format?



May 19th

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Men's Spring Knitting Retreat?

So? How was it? *Someone* must be home from it by now;

May 17th

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Niebling pattern source

Hey, guys,

I've gotten a few requests from guys regarding the Niebling "Frosted Ferns" chart and pattern. So I decided to just post 'em here for all to see.

May 14th

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The woeful tale of my first Niebling

Finally about 10 days ago I got up the courage to start working on my first Herbert Niebling designed doiley.

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Mitten Thumb Question

Hello all: Well I have completed a mitten and I am starting work on its mate. I have a question about the thumb.

May 9th

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Easy Lifeline With Options Interchangeables

I use lifelines when knitting unless I am doing something really small or really simple. Basically I gain nothing from frogging so I take a little extra time to avoid it at all costs.

May 7th

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spliting a skein

Sock yarn comes two ways. A skein will have either enough for one sock or enough for the pair. Since I like to do both socks simultaneously I usually go for the smaller single sock skein.

May 5th

New Guy

Hey y'all-

I'm new to the site but plan on sticking around awhile. Pleased to meet other guys who knit.

About me:
Name: Just call me Gil
Age: 38
Gender: Male

May 3rd

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last day for sock wars!

go sign up, hurry!

May 1st


I would like to know where you found the pattern for the skull beanie ? I have a neice who has leukemia and would really like it if I made it for her !