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April 14th

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Rolling Scarf

Hi All!

April 9th

Orphan skein needs project

I once bought a single skein of Rowan Ribbon Twist. I love it, and the colors, but don;t know what I can make out of a single skein of it. Any ideas?

April 9th

Hello All! ... and first project bloopers

Hello everyone from a total beginner. I took up knitting a couple of weeks ago and I'm completely hooked.


Hi Guys,

I'm new here, but not new to knitting - more than 50 years experience.

April 8th

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Crafty Andy

Hey does anyone know what happened to Crafty Andy? I haven't seen him around lately.

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I Gave IN!!!!!

I gave in!!!!!!!!!

April 7th

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Men's Knitting Retreat

Hi, I'm so happy the waiting list is open. I just want to ask if there would be anyone from like the west coast flying to Albany?

April 6th

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End of row stitches

Okay, so I'm "relearning" knitting in Continental style. I'm noticing that the stitch is REALLY loose, but I can't seem to pull it tight, what do you do???

April 4th

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In case anyone is interested, WEBS ( is having a big anniversary sale on lots of popular yarns (example: Cascade 220 $4.89US (!) per skein).

April 3rd

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Sweater Question

Howdy all. I'm still working away on the EZ seamless sweater and I found a yoke pattern that I really like.