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April 29th


I'm scared of socks. I have been, and I probably will be forever. That's never going to change, although fear may evolve into cautious understanding (Huh...

April 29th

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FO: Faux Spanish Lace Shawl

Well, after about a month of sporadic knitting, I've completed Mmario's Faux Spanish Lace shawl for my "Nana".

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Has there ever been a MWK convention ? I saw a posting on it whilst doing a search. Could be a fun thing to do ?


April 25th

Your first project in Knitted Lace.

I have set up a simple project for first-time lace-knitters.

You can view it here:

Have fun, John

On-line Help

If any guy who has a webcam and wants some online help, send me a PM and we'll set up a time to meet. I have done this successfully on many occasions, and I know I can help you.

Best wishes, John

April 24th

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Seamless Sweater Almost Done

So, the sweater is almost done; however, I'm still confused about a few things and I am hoping for some advice.

Teaching a knitting classes

I've been asked to teach a knitting class and a crochet class at the activity center.

April 22nd

Men's KAL

I've recently gotten onto Ravelry, and was playing around to see what was there, and was shocked to find that I couldn't find a listing for a knitalong geared to men.

April 21st

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Free Meathead Hat Pattern

Melanie Falick's "Meathead" hat pattern is available as a free download throughout the next week (?) here

April 18th

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knitting: the academic approach

One of the reasons I really like this group of knitting guys is that you all approach knitting as an intellectual endeavor. Which is how I like to approach it - like a big giant math problem.