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February 11th

Diagonal Lace Scarf Pattern

I did not think I could access this at work but I can. Here it is. I did the repeat 2 extra times for a total of 30 stitches. Came out 9 x 55 after blocking.

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Knitted objects

here are two pics of knitted and crocheted jelleyfish...from a window display in Canada.

February 9th

Couple of finished things

First is a "Diagonal Lace Scarf" for me other sister. If you want to try open work...this one was easy and relaxing. CatBlue is the yarn by Brown Sheep weight.

Drop Spindles - Who wants them?

In the past, people have mentioned they would like to try spinning. Buying a wheel can be costly if you do not like it in the end.

February 6th

Beginners knitting for men


February 4th

New knitting nut

I am new to knitting. I picked it up as a stress relief, and my partner and I began with a semiprivate lesson at a lys here in New York (Annies on the UES).

February 3rd

sweater help

Well ive decided to stick with what ive got and learn from the experience!

Tiny cable needle

I'm going to start making my second pair of socks soon. I'm experimenting with different stitch patterns. I want to try a simple cable. I'm using fingering yarn and 2mm (US 0) needles.