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February 19th

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Knitting in the Library

I was wondering what you would consider important knitting books for a permanent collection at a public library.

February 18th

Help with edge

Hey guys,

Can folks give me any tips with a problem that I'm having at the end of a row?

Second Beanie Finished

The first beanie I gave away. I swore the second one I would keep but it probably will not be. The first one was too "long" so I thought I would shorten the rounds.

February 15th

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Singapore knitters?????

I have a lonely knitting friend in Singapore. Are there any others there?

February 13th

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Weird Message

So, starting today, I started seeing this message when I started reading peoples blogs "You can't request more than 20 challenges without solving them. Your previous challenges wer flushed."

My first scarf - advice

I just started knitting with two semi private classes that I took with my partner and a friend of ours.

Jake Gyllenhaal

I had never really done much color knitting of any kind, so I tried something new. I made a portrait.

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Knitting For Profit

Does anybody out there knit for profit?

February 12th

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Hello and such

Thought I'd say hello; obviously I've only just joined. I was pleased to find that a community like this one exists!

Beanie Questions!

I am at the end stage of my first beanie.

What do you guys (and gals) do to: