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January 18th

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Toddler sweater

this was knitted of cotton boucle yarn...stripes are a spikey novelty yarn I dyed into crayon colours. My 2.5 year old grandson loves it.'s the basic Ann Norling top down cardigan pattern.

January 18th

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yarn weight/guage help me unravel the mystery

OK, so I go the yarn store and think I know what I want and I pick up what looks like a chunky wt yarn but says its bulky and then Rachel (my friendly knitting ninja/store person) tells me its really

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hat troubles

I have knitted a couple hats on the round and all of them have the same issues. When I am finished (though it shows during my work, also) the rim of the hat curls and rolls up.

January 17th

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counting cast ons

Appoligies in advance if this is a dumb quesiotion.

January 16th

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new guy

Just saying hey and happy to be hear. I've knitted since college (about 25 years) but never got past knitting and purling basics until recently when I quit smoking.

January 13th

Finished - Vine Lace Scarf

Alas, I am done. Inspired by those how do lace work, I am dipping my toes further in. Enjoyable scarf to make with fingering wt yarn from Sarah's Yarns.

January 11th

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Whats a good Stitch Dictionary?

Hey guys, I am thinking about getting a Stitch Dictionary and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or has any that they really like and find useful :)

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Loose purls?

I just bought a new skein of baby yarn to start a simple roll-edge hat for our soon-to-be born daughter. I was being a good boy and knitting a gauge swatch in stockinette.

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Howdy All!

Hey there everyone! Nice to meet you all!

January 9th

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