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December 30th

Noro Scarf Finished

I now envy those who've been able to photograph their scarf and do it justice, not an easy job.

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what decrease to use

I'm working on my first sweater. The pattern calls for 2 1/2 inches of ribbing before switching to St.

December 28th

mens long johns?

Has anyone seen a pattern for mens long johns/thermal underwear? Also, any suggestions on what kind of fiber would be good?


December 26th

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Gobble, Gobble...

A project to consider for next year's festivities:

Happy New Year, and happy knitting!

December 26th

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Trinity Stitch

Hi All

New member, old knitter, out here on the east coast of Canada

December 23rd

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no sew vest???

I'm looking to do my first sweater. I'm no good at sewing and don't want to put the effort into something and have it come out bad. I am interested in doing a vest (no sleeves).

December 20th

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Ron Schweitzer

Hey guys:

I am looking for the Ron Schweitzer 2003/2004 book; or more specifically, the Morning Star pattern. I will buy, trade, whatever you like. I just have to have this pattern!

December 19th

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Intarsia in the round?

I'm making hats (and maybe mittens, but I gotta be realistic) for my niece and nephew (4 & 2) as X-mas gifts.

December 17th

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I can't find it!

A family member has offered to crochet Drew Emborsky's Prarie Style afgan and pillow for me. We cannot locate Caron brand "Bliss" yarn. I need five balls of it.

December 15th

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Blocking Hats

There is life after THE scarf and I am enjoying it. I'm working on the "YugiDean Hat". It's a great pattern , fun and knits up quickly. Kudos Joshua.