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November 15th

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Black Hills - An undyed New Zealand yarn

I bought enough of this yarn in a shade called Waikari yarn to make a pullover for myself. It’s a lovely marled yarn in natural shades of white and dark brown.

just finished my first project a scarf Ideas for next project

I am interested in perfecting my technique. I have knit and pearl down well. What project could I do with these basic stitches?

November 14th

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I'm torn, need help

I know that 'knotaproblem' just asked a similar question, but what people say for him might not be the same for me, so here it goes.

November 12th

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What next?

A couple of question from a novice knitter....

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ball vs skein?

I have a pattern that calls for 4 balls of yarn. Is this the same as a skein? I thought things came in different amounts so you need to get the right amount by either weight (ounces) or yards.

November 11th

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swifts and ball winders

Are there good and bad ball winders and swifts out there or are they pretty much equal?

November 10th

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Help with Pattern instructions

Ok, so maybe I'm crazy, who cares. The only way to learn and get better is to challenge myself right?

November 9th

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Hey all,

I just thought I start the thread of the post-MSKR!

Thank you so much everyone for tolerating such a sickly Kenny (the way john says it)………

Who, and where, is mmario?

I would like to know who this important designer is, and where all his designs are published for a collector.

November 7th

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would this work?

So I am making my son a hat, and now my 3 year old daughter has asked for one (of course) But she has a TON of hair and wears huge pony tails etc, and a hat would pretty much be useless for her.