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November 28th

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MWK 2009 Calendar

hopefully....some of the pictures will look like this....(grin)

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scarf edge

Me again. I am doing a scarf simple garter stitch. Someone said that to make the edge cleaner, they recommend slipping the first stitch. Do you slip this knitwise or purlwise.

November 26th


I noticed that the chat is a bit clunky, and would like to offer if the site gods would accept, a home for the chat room on my Private, low traffic IRC network.

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Can someone explain 10/2?

Can someone explain or tell me where to find information on those weaving yarns that go by 10/2 etc......

November 25th

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sock help needed

I am working on my first sock and have finished the cuff and the leg and now need to start on the heel.

November 24th

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Aren't we a marvellous community....

I bored you all with my desperate post about my dye-lot connumdrum and unfinished cardigan...and as suggested by a mwk-er, I've been on Ravelry and found 2 balls of teh same dye-lot in Sweden and 2 in

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Dear all,

November 22nd

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Everything Reversible

Cables always add such great dimension to sweater, beanies, scarfs and throws/blankets.

November 19th

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Male knitting in a main stream movie

Sorry if this was discussed before. Last night on TV was the movie "Never Been Kissed" with Drew Barrymore. During one of the scenes her boss (a guy) is knitting. I was shocked.

November 17th

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is this possible, I need help

For those who are following my saga, I have decided to do socks. The person helping me has gotten me started with the top of the sock, but isn't available to help me for about 2 weeks.